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Atkins Auto & Collision can provide all of your automotive needs. Anyone who’s ever had their own set of wheels knows that car repairs aren’t cheap. According to CarMD, which manufactures an automotive diagnostic tool and software for car repair and maintenance, the total average repair cost in the U.S. is $305.56, including $202.28 for parts and $103.27 for labor.

Atkins Auto & Collision main focus is to provide the customer 100% ​customer satisfaction at an affordable rate.


Atkins Auto & Collision can provide all your vehicle maintenance needs from oil changes, fluid flushes, A/C maintenance, belt replacement, light and wiper maintenance, to NC Safety & Emissions Inspections, and much more!

Your vehicle will last you for many years if the proper maintenance is done on your car at the correct intervals. 


Atkins Auto & Collision can repair any problem that you are having with your vehicle from a flat tire to a complete engine overhaul. No job is too big or too small.

In today's times, we ourselves know that an unexpected repair on your vehicle can put a damper on life. We are here to help make things a little easier for you. Our main goal is to help with that burden and give you 100%​ satisfaction at an affordable rate.


Call us or stop by today to let us help you make things a little easier for you on all your repairs.

Top 10 Car Repairs according to CarMD​:

​1.  Replacing Oxygen Sensor

2.  Replacing Loose Fuel Caps

3.  Replacing Catalytic Converter

4.  Replacing Mass Air Flow Sensor

5.  Replacing Spark Plugs

6.  Replacing Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve

7.  Replacing Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

8.  Replacing Ignition Coils

9.  Replacing Intake Manifold Gaskets

10. Removing Aftermarket Alarm

It is also stated in this report, "Many of the most common repairs can easily be avoided if owners pay attention to the preventive maintenance requirements."



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